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Video Gallery

Bed or Floor Plank Exercise

This video covers a proper way of doing a bed or floor plank exercise

Lateral Epicodylitis AKA: Tennis Elbow

This video covers on how to treat Lateral Epicondylitis

Low Back & Hip Stretch

This video covers 2 types of stretches:

  • Knee to Chest Stretch (hold 3 breaths)
  • Knee to Opposite Shoulder (hold 3 breaths)

Anterior Shoulder Stretch

This video covers the anterior shoulder stretch: targets the uppers shoulder and back

Psoas Stretch (Anterior Thigh)

This video covers the Psoas stretch: targets the anterior thigh

Lateral Hip Stretch (TFL Stretch)

This video covers the tfl(tensor fascia latae stretch): targets the lateral hip area

How to Get Up From A Lying Position When Your Back Hurts

This video covers a tip on getting up when your back hurts.

PT Stretches

This video covers 3 types of stretches:

  • Cervical Stretch: Targets the neck area
  • Posterior Translation: Designed to pull the head up and back
  • Lumbar Flexion: Targets the lower back area

Postural Rehabilitative Exercises

This video covers 3 exercises:

  • Posterior Translation Exercise: This exercise targets the neck area
  • Lat/Back Pull Exercise: This exercise targets the shoulders
  • Lumbar Flexion Exercise: This exercise targets the lower back